A-Z Interior Design Tips

A-Z Interior Design Tips!

We've complied our top A-Z Interior Design Tips to encourage you to create the perfect space for you in your home. 

A is for Area Rug  

 Often overlooked, area rugs can make or break a space. First, it's important to get the sizing right! It is no wonder that many interior designers start from the bottom and work their way up. Find an area rug you love and use it as a foundation for your overall design, drawing out the colours and patterns into other aspects of your scheme. 

B is for Black 

Similar to how every woman needs a LBD, every adult home requires a splash of black somewhere. Why? Black is a grounding shade that oozes sophistication. It could be as subtle as black coffee table legs or you could go bold and make a statement with black walls.

C is for Contrast 

Monochromatic rooms can lack direction. Unless you're working with a professional, we recommend creating contrast in your space not only with light and dark colours but also with varying textures, patterns and materials. If you have a velvet sofa, you may consider styling it with cushions that vary in material such as linen and wool. In doing so, you are adding depth to your room and making it more visually intriguing!

D is for Details

Details, details, details! They are crucial! Accessories bring life to any space and it can be done so easily simply by mixing old with new and family heirlooms with exotic pieces from your travels. Display them with care around your home; you want to avoid "clutter" at all costs! 

E is for Eclecticism

The eclectic room is a magical, mystery alchemy of marrying different periods, styles, textures and colours to achieve a warm, collected feel that is elegant, timeless and very unique. Adding eclectic touches into your space will make your home personal to you!

F is for Feng Shui

We've all heard of Feng Shui before - simply put, it "is mindfulness of place, noticing all the details in your environment with gratitude and care. When we are present for every moment, we can see the beauty and magic in our spaces and in everyday life" [Anjie Cho]. When applying Feng Shui to your home, you want to follow the concept of crafting a welcoming, functioning space with good energy. Love the items you choose for your home, and if you don't love them, they shouldn't be there! 

G is for Green

Green reminds us of nature, freshly chopped grass, vitality... the list could go on. It is a colour associated with health and wellbeing, and its ability to reduce feelings of anxiety make it a popular choice for bedrooms. Sometimes just a few plants are enough - they'll even improve the air quality of your space! 

H is for Height

Vertical mirrors give the illusion that your room is higher than it actually is. They will also reflect natural light, allowing it to bounce around and create more "space". Also try avoiding bespoke cabinetry that doesn't reach the ceiling (kitchen cupboards, living room shelves) as this will make your space appear smaller. 

I is for Invest

Have you ever heard "buy cheap, buy twice"? It's true. Whilst it's not always easy, understand that investing in your home will be better in the long term. 

J is for Jewellery  

 Don't ignore the small details that jewellery for your home (i.e. hardware) can bring to a space! Even something as basic as reinvigorating a chest of drawers, kitchen cupboards or a bathroom sink can all be elevated by the correct choice of hardware. Using a chic set of pulls on an inexpensive item will make the whole thing look more expensive and bespoke. 

K is for Kitchen

We could speak for hours on Kitchen design, but in a nutshell, ensure your kitchen is tidy, functional and fresh. Kitchens are one of the first things that easily dates which is why investing in a contemporary, neutral kitchen now is smart. 

L is for Lighting

Another extensive topic, but good lighting is essential! Nothing is more unattractive than having bad lighting with one blazing overhead light. In most spaces, you'll want to have recessed lights in the ceiling, as well as a hanging light of some kind, such as a chandelier in your living room or pendants in a kitchen. All of these should be on dimmers to allow you to control the atmosphere. You'll then want to utilise other types of lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights. Layering lighting is almost as important as layering accessories to make a space more striking. 

M is for MEASURE

Measure is in ALL CAPS here because it is an element that most people don't take seriously. Measuring furniture and rug sizes is absolutely crucial! There is nothing worse than looking at a sofa that is too large for a space or walking into a living room where the area rug doesn't even touch the furniture. Before ordering anything, double and quadruple check the room dimensions, the wall dimensions, and the dimensions of the object you want! Most designers recommend buying some duck tape and mapping it out on the floor.

N is for Natural Light 

Always maximise the natural light available to you. If you have curtains, ensure they are installed high and wide so that they can be pulled back to let the light shine in. Increasingly, we're seeing households with white shutters and semi-transparent blinds. Both options offer privacy but also allow the light to flood through. 

O is for Organisation

Organisation is vital at home; clutter will only make you feel agitated and suffocated. Ensure you have the right type of storage for your needs. If space is tight, consider multi-functional furniture such as storage trunks that act as as coffee table, bookshelves with baskets, and beds with hidden drawers. If you haven’t used it in the last year, be ruthless! Give it away to a charity or sell it to purchase the items you really love!

P is for Paint

Seems obvious, but it is SO easy to get your paint colour wrong. Paint has the ability to instantly invigorate a space and give it a face lift. It's not expensive either! One of the best ways to fall in love with your home even more is to be bold and try a colour that you wouldn't ordinarily consider. Worst case scenario, you paint over it! 

Q is for Quirky!

It's so important to not take yourself so seriously and inject some personality into your space. It may be a funny vintage poster, travel postcards that you frame or an eccentric decor item that you love, such as this Zebra Butter Dish that we just adore! 

Zebra Butter Dish

R is for Rugs!

We mentioned area rugs earlier, but equally as important are smaller rugs that can really spruce up a space. In our opinion, every home needs a Persian, graphic or Oriental rug. They anchor a space, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room's decor.

Need help on selecting the right rug size or deciding placements? Read our Rug Size Guide > 

S is for Splurge! 

Have you ever come across something that you just LOVE? ... But it's WAY out of budget? Maybe don't go into debt trying to afford it, but it is important to splurge at times on the things we love. That phrase "life is short, buy the shoes" is true when it comes to styling your home. Just don't be irresponsible! 

T is for Texture 

Incorporating a plethora of textures is a great way to create a welcoming space that is visually intriguing. Consider mixing fur with worn leather, a concrete planter with a whispery fern, a high-pile Moroccan rug with a metal table. Layering different elements in a single space will create a stunningly refined aesthetic!

U is for Unique

This can also be translated as bespoke or tailored, but make sure your space is unique to you! Installing unique built-in units and designing tailored sofas and headboards are methods to ensure your home is totally specific to you. And, sometimes the right piece just isn’t out there! Commissioning someone to make something tailored for you specifically isn't hugely more expensive than buying a mass-produced item – plus, no one else will have it!

V is for Vintage 

There are some great finds in vintage shops! Plus you'll be doing your part for the environment. Before making a large purchase, ask yourself if you can find a similar thing second-hand. 

W is for White White is essential! 

It is often used as a foundation for decor, trims and frames on your walls and doors and in most kitchen and bathroom designs. White is not only the perfect backdrop, but it also brightens a room and allows accessories to pop against darker walls and patterns. 

X is for ....

We have nothing for this letter... sorry! 

Y is for YOU

Don't forget, this is YOUR home! Trends can be fun as is scrolling endlessly on Pinterest (we've all been there!) but they are quickly replaced. Figure out what you really love and surround yourself with those things. If you love it and you’re the one living with it, then that is all that matters! 

Z is for Zest!

Give your home some zest! Be bold and don't be afraid to let your true personality shine through!

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