Summer Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

summer decorating ideas to freshen up your home

Seasons are a wonderful opportunity to revamp and regenerate your interior design at home. As we approach the summer months, we look to invite new pieces and experiment with fresh colours to enhance our spaces. Here are some top ways that you can decorate for the warmer, brighter months ahead. 

pastel & bright accents

Welcome colour with pastel hues! They are the perfect companion for warmer months and will freshen up any room in your home instantly. Considered to be both, gentle and airy, bright, pale pastel colours create a calm environment of tranquility, which is often desired in our mostly hectic lives. Incorporate pastels with decorative cushions, wall colour or other decorative pieces to add a soft touch to your home that marries equally with a summer feeling. 

We love how Decoralist Ambassador Lauren Sakalarios styled the Pink Ikat Cushion

raw wood

Raw, wood elements reinforce comforting, warm and organic beauty in a space. The imperfections noticed in raw wood contribute as a work of art in your home, as it maintains its natural tones, grain and grooves. Not only can raw wood be decorative, it can also be functional, such as a coffee table or side table. Spending time outside in nature is a hallmark of Spring and Summer months, so why not bring nature inside with raw wood furniture and accents.

Jericho Reclaimed Teak Side Table


Edna Acacia Wood Coffee Table


Billy Rocks Console Table


make neutrals pop

No fan of pastels? Not a problem. Neutral colours not only make a space appear more open, they're also a great canvas to showcase pieces of decor. Pops of colour can either be bold and vitalising or even subtle and moving. Fun cushions, abstract art or even a single colourful accent chair can breathe new life into your home, perfect for Spring and Summer!

textured pottery

The use of textured ceramics and pottery is a growing interior trend in home decorating. Neutral-coloured bowls and vases are brought to life with tactile lines and patterns which add an intriguing dimension. Style a handful of vases as a statement on their own or fill them will fresh florals.

statement lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when decorating as a purely functional component of design. A fabulous chandelier or unique table lamp has a way of ooh-ing and ahh-ing, so make sure your lighting is both functional but equally decorative. Oversized or whimsical, lighting fixtures become an instant focal point and design refresher. 



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