Spring Nostalgia with FlowerBe

Certain scents evoke a particular memories; perhaps one of nostalgia where a certain scent illustrates and narrates a story for you, or reminds you of a fleeting moment; even if only for a second. According to scientific research, your memory files odours away in its long-term database. This is why scents most often transport you back to your childhood. I try so hard to relive an entire memory in one minute as a result of a particular perfume or cologne, the smell of a match being blown out or a breeze of pine needles. 

At the core of home design is the fact that we are all unique and have our own preferences. This is why no two homes are ever the same! We curate our homes by touching on experiences from our past, hobbies we love, accomplishments we are proud of, colours that make us smile...  It is no wonder so many people choose to incorporate sensual experiences as well as visual ones. 

FlowerBe sent us a wonderful bouquet of flowers a couple weeks ago. They are a friendly, family-run creative flower company that delivers beautifully curated selections of loose-cut flowers in inspiriting combinations of colours, form and scent. It is no wonder that I was immediately inspired when I first opened the parcel and was overwhelmed with a fresh, spring scent.

This particular bouquet of flowers immediately transported me back to my childhood in Vancouver. My Mom’s house was a bright yellow wood house and in the summertime when my brother and I would play outside with the sprinkler, the bright blue sky, fresh mountain air, ocean breeze and friendly warmth from the sun always felt like absolute heaven. Freedom even. Sometimes it takes one smell to evoke a memory, and the lilies and roses did not fail to present such a wonderful nostalgic moment. I was inspired immediately and started to pull together fabrics and paint colours that reminded me of all these happy emotions I was experiencing. Rather than following a ‘trend’, I think it’s important to listen to yourself, to create a home that is truly unique to you and your memories.

Of course flowers are visual. Their beautiful, bright colours and delicate yet bold shapes and sizes make a bouquet of flowers a true feast for the eye. However, they also provide scent and have the ability to transform your space into almost a gesamtkuntswerk; inclusive of scent and visuals. 

By bringing together seasonal flowers and inspirational interiors, FlowerBe provides a unique selection of flowers each month. This notion of uniqueness is something that I very much subscribe to with Decor A List, enabling clients to select designs, colours — and in this case — flowers which directly speak to them. Creating exciting and bespoke flower displays in your own home is enjoyable, especially when you are able to customise your preferences and have fresh flowers delivered directly to your door. 

The aerial beach print diptych is brought to life by the fresh smell of the flowers, as well as with the beach scented candle (pssst…! Receive a free candle with any order over £100). And Kim Salmela’s vibrant, fun and punchy hand blocked cushions add pops of colour, perfect for the summer.


With the warmth finally taking its place here in the UK, there is no better time to start experimenting with flowers delivered directly to your front door. At this busy time with family and friends dropping in, FlowerBe is an ideal service to ensure homes are always complete with gorgeous flowers ready to not only impress guests, but create a home that makes you smile. there is no single way of enjoying and expressing flowers in your home.


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