Small Changes, Big Results: Quick & Easy Refreshes For Your Bathroom

When did you last think about your bathroom? It’s often one of the last rooms to receive any attention. But a stylish bathroom will enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

Your bathroom is where you go to relax and unwind, and incorporating a few soothing design elements will create a more peaceful ambience. Functionality is important too. You need the right lighting, the right storage and the right accessories to make it a practical space that’s a joy to use, rather than a daily battle.

Let’s take a look at the small changes that will make a big difference:

Colour: It’s so important in setting the mood for a room. Choose a colour scheme for your bathroom, and you’ll find it all starts to come together. Neutrals such as beige, grey or white are a good place to start. They’ll make a small space feel larger and more relaxing. Or think about brights such as blue or green to add a vibrant pop of colour. 

Lighting: A bathroom needs to deliver on both function and relaxation. That’s where lighting comes into play. You’ll need to provide functional lighting for grooming and cleaning. But at the same time, the space has to feel soothing. Consider a combination of overhead lights, wall lights, and task lighting to meet both needs. 

Storage: Where’s that towel when you need it? With the addition of some well-chosen bathroom storage, your bathroom can become an organised and clutter-free space. Think about adding shelving, cabinets or baskets to hold all your stuff. Some artisan woven baskets can be a wonderfully colourful addition, and practical too.

Stylish Bathroom Storage

Stylish Bathroom Storage

Accessories: A small side table or stool for your lotions and potions, a few books and a candle will upgrade a cramped bath edge in no time. If you have space for a small armchair, this can add another layer of texture as well as a dumping ground! See our selection of the best stools and small tables here. A rug will add warmth without the need for expensive towel rails, while a decorative mirror or wall art can all add colour, character and cheer up what can otherwise be a pretty sterile and uninviting area of the home.

Stylish Bathroom Storage

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With just the addition of a few extras, your bathroom can become a beautiful and functional space that meets your needs and reflects your personal style.

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