How To Style The Brushstroke Table Lamp

Unrestrained brushstrokes bring casual elegance to this classic double gourd ceramic lamp. Generously sized, The Navy Brushstroke Lamp is perfect for a desk in a home office, a hallway console table or side table in a living room. Due to its fairly neutral colour scheme and unique design, it is a very flexible lamp that can happily sit in a variety of interior settings. From a coastal beach house to a traditional study or contemporary living room,  The Navy Brushstroke Lamp exudes an artistic flair while remaining traditional in its form. Here are a few different ways to style this wonderful piece:




Como By Design has styled this lamp beautifully in a Chinoiserie setting, with a sumptuous wallpaper, which really complements the lamp. They have chosen a traditional, pleated shade in an off-white colour to accompany the Brushstroke Lamp, which speaks to the ancient tradition of the Chinoiserie aesthetic.

Image Credit // Como By Design


In contrast, North Shore Nest decided to go for a more contemporary aesthetic for this family room in one of their projects, opting for a crisp white, straight shade with a wonderful navy border. The navy border on the shade matches the striking piping on the powder blue sofa and as a result, stands out as one of the darker shades used in this versatile, multi-functional space.

Image Credit // North Shore Nest

COASTAL living rooms


The coral on the pile of coffee table books alludes to the fact that the Navy Brushstroke Lamp is placed in a coastal interior here by Jett Thompson Interiors. The subtle cream shades blends in effortlessly with the other cream accents in the room, enabling the navy brushstroke pattern to stand out and speak for itself!

Image Credit // Jett Thompson Interiors

home office

Placed in a more neutral setting, the Navy Brushstroke Lamp provides a unique and beautiful source of lighting for this traditional office space. The  pleated Spring Starflower Lampshade sits proudly above the base and offers texture and pattern to this otherwise plain room. We also think the Southern Blues Lampshade would work nicely too for a deeper blue!

bedside table lamp

Not only does the Navy Brushstroke Lamp work wonderfully offices and living rooms, but it is a calm and attractive bedside table lamp. Pencil and Paper Co. have styled a fresh and welcoming space in this bedroom. What’s more, our gorgeous range of bedroom accessories, such as our Mother of Pearl Inlay Tray would complement this bedside table arrangement perfectly!

Image Credit // Pencil & Paper Co.

contemporary living room



Lastly, this contemporary interior designed by Lucas Eilers mixes tradition with fresh design and the Navy Brushstroke Lamp is uniquely paired with similar shades as well as a bright red and yellow combination.

Image Credit // Lucas Eilers

The Navy Brushstroke Lamp works effortlessly in a variety of interior styles and settings! From living rooms to bedrooms — and everything in-between — the Navy Brushstroke Lamp will suit any aesthetic and certainly provide an attractive and unique focal point! To shop the lamp, simply click here and remember to select the perfect shade from our vast library that will suit your requirements! If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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