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Texas-based interior designer Christian Ladd's personal style and demeanour echoes how she describes her interior design style: classic, traditional, timeless. 

After working with Barry Williams at in Dallas and moving back to Amarillo, several years later Christian Ladd Interiors launched in 2016. Other than designing, Christian’s number one passion is traveling and her kids are what make her smile the most.

Christian believes we need to look to the past for inspiration. Pieces that are too trendy will never surpass the test of time. She says, “often with our ‘have it now’ mentality, it forces manufacturers to produce poorly made items quickly. Always remember, good things come to those who wait.”

On Decor A List, “I love the “Back to Where We Came From” piece by Tanja Meski, the “Celebrate, Veuve” piece and the Bedford Leather Storage Basket. I would style the Bedford Basket because baskets are another item I feel every home needs. It could be styled in many different ways but I would use it for storage in a family room for things such as blankets or extra pillows.”

I would describe my style as classic, traditional and timeless.

Christian Ladd

Well maintained potted plants are a great way to break up the space between pavement and the exterior walls of your home. Timeless and traditional; they never go out of style.

“There are many must-haves that I include in every home but the number one thing is art."

 "Art is something I feel every home should absolutely have. Not only will art make a home more inviting, but it is also the best way to tailor a space to your personal taste.”

Mixing traditional elements and forms with a contemporary and minimalist use of cupboard space; Christian’s kitchen is welcoming and avant garde. Slim, contemporary hardware combined with neatly organised shelves varies to what we usually see with cupboards galore!

Heirloom furniture always has a place in homes I design as well as my own home because those pieces hold special memories.

Christian Ladd

Heirloom furniture always has a place in the homes Christian designs as well as her own home because those pieces hold special memories. These are the pieces that make a space feel unique and they are what make a house a home.

“For instance, I have a Baker Hepplewhite sideboard that belonged to my paternal grandparents. Additionally, it’s always important to me to mix highs and lows and old and new. The juxtaposition of these elements create a uniquely curated space.”

We love the black and white checkerboard tiles throughout the hallway and foyer of Christian’s home. We feel these are without a doubt an aesthetic that will never age!

Not only does Christian love traveling and seeing different architecture forms, she also gains inspiration from following many accounts and designers that she loves on Instagram.

The softness of the upholstered chairs, low hanging pendant light and earthy, green tones makes this informal dining area incredible welcoming and cosy!

A more formal space with soft tones of blush pink. The vibrant but soft-lined shapes and colours in the contemporary piece are echoed in the feminine dining chairs.

It’s all about the details! This exquisite chandelier has an added textural effect making it a real focal point of this dining room!

This juxtaposition of an antique, rattan-backed dining chair against a contemporary artwork is fascinating. The use of light to illuminate both pieces is a work of art in its own right!

Did you know that coffee table books can tell you a lot about a person? We can see exactly where Christian finds some of her inspiration!

You can never go wrong with the Scalamandre Zebra print!

                 A favourite silk wall covering from one of Christian’s projects.

The perfect place to unwind at the end of the day! Christian has opted for a timeless, traditional and exquisite marble surface for the tub, enabling your bathroom to be fresh and stand the test of time.

                 You can never have too much wallpaper! Christian keeps within the floral theme of the textile by incorporating a Gingko Leaf wall light in chrome, adding a wonderful textural variation in this Ensuite bathroom.

Built-in, bespoke storage makes for seamless design.

                 A well matched Quadrille fabric that swirls down the walls is echoed by this a soft, shaded wall light with a brass bow below, enhancing the curved features within this space.

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