7 Tips To Creating The Perfect Small Flat

7 Tips To Creating The Perfect Small Flat

To create the perfect layout for any small space, whether a studio apartment or limited one bedroom flat, there are a few ways that you can really maximise your space from smart tricks with accessories to furniture layout.

1. stools

Stools are great for extra seating at the dinner table but can also be easily moved to the sitting room or used as a dressing table seat. They are very good at being tucked away when not in use as well, such as underneath a console table. Since they are smaller furniture items, you can have fun with the style, colour and pattern, and also use them as a subtle space divider. 

Photographed: Larner Cube Stools >

2. neutral walls

Keeping your wall colour neutral will often help your room appear larger. Where rich, darker colours have a tendency to make spaces appear smaller to the eye, lighter shades open things back up. You can easily add pops of colour with furniture and accessories, but you may want to limit your pop of colour to one section of the apartment, as too many statement colours in one tiny space can become overwhelming.

3. mirrors

A well-placed mirror will reflect the light, making a room instantly feel larger and brighter. This does not just apply to wall mirrors; mirrored furniture has the same effect. When selecting a mirror, ensure the finish (silver, wood, bronze, copper) ties in with any other metallic elements in your room and if you're stuck with which size, we would recommend opting for the larger one. A mirror that looks too small to the eye will disturb the harmony of your space. 

< Photographed: La Joie Mirror

4. trunks

Trunks make ideal side tables, but have invaluable storage inside. They are perfect for storing just about anything and are dual-purposed to look chic and stylish from the outside.

Imka Kilim Trunk

Imka Kilim Trunk

Chinese White Trunk

chinese white trunk

Evil Eye Trunk

evil eye trunk

5. wall lamps

If you don't want to use up valuable space with a floor lamp and you cannot find a place to display a table lamp, don't overlook the wall lamp, as they can provide light in the darkest of corners. 

6. extendable dining table

Chances are... you may not have eight people to dinner every night of the week, but it is certainly nice to have the option when you want it. Choose an extendable dining table -- perfect for cosy family dinners, but can be extended to fit all your friends too.

7. multi function

At the crux of creating the perfect design for a small apartment is to do your best at having multi-functional pieces. These include trunks, storage tables and beds with storage below are great starting points. But the real trick to making a small apartment work is to incorporate pieces and colours that you really love.

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