5 Tips for Moroccan Style Interior Decorating

Nestled between Europe and Africa, Morocco is a country of blending, influenced by the many cultures that surround it. The Moroccan style as we know it blends influences from France, Portugal and Spain as well as strong Mediterranean ties from Africa, Persia and other Islamic influences. 

Incorporating Moroccan decor in your home can offer an exotic, yet elegant feel. Often we see vibrant colours and intricately designed wood / mosaic products which creates a luxurious and exciting aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular in homes. 

1. strong colours

From the glistening coastlines of Casablanca to the snake charmers and spices in Marrakesh, strong colour can be noticed all throughout Morocco as a strong focal point of decorating. Much inspiration is drawn from Morocco's unique landscape, evoking shades of blue from the clear skies, green from the foliage, shimmering gold from the Sahara desert sands and rich, bright reds from the sunsets and spices in the souks. 

Image Credit / Lucy Interior Design

2. plush fabrics

Textiles are integral to Morocco, which is why so many people shop there for truly unique fabrics. Designs that are rich in colour, such as Ikat, with intricate textures are typical of Moroccan decor and can be used on throw pillows in abundance for a unique touch. 

Image Credit / Dabito at Old Brand New

Image Credit / Burnham Design

3. soft lighting

Lighting is an important element of Moroccan decor as it mainly focuses on dim lighting created by lamps and pendants made from coloured glass, cut metal, and carved wood. There are many multitudes of shops in the souks with exquisite metalworks for hanging lanterns. Metal and coloured glass lamps work both indoors and outdoors and look wonderful on outdoor terraces or next to a pool. 

Image Credit / Lucy Interior Design

Image Credit / Burnham Design 


Tiled and dark wooden floors in Moroccan homes are always covered with rich Boucherouite or Beni Ourain rugs and stacked floor cushions. Ceramic tile is often on used for flooring (or dark wood) to offer a cold touch below your feet which is welcomed in the hot weather!

Image Credit / Burnham Design 


Many wooden goods in Morocco are further decorated with Mother of Pearl, adding added textural detailing. There are many items of furniture, such as beds and chest of drawers that have this floral Moroccan touch. Alternatively, small decorative boxes are wonderful alternatives to infuse a Bohemian style.

Image Credit / Burnham Design 


Scatter candles, incense, or diffusers in scents rich with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, or any exotic spices to instantly take you back to Morocco. Our Moroccan Teahouse Wild Mint aromatherapy candle has notes of fresh sprigs of mint which will offer a cooling and refreshing aroma. 

Whether you're looking to recreate your Moroccan adventure, or simply incorporate a few stylistic elements, the dynamic and exciting aesthetic that Moroccan design offers can suit any existing interior scheme.

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