5 Things to Consider When Selecting Art for Your Workspace

When developing an art collection for your workplace, it can be difficult to know where to start and the choices can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, an art consultant can help you navigate which artworks will work best for you within your budget. Here are my top tips for things to consider when selecting art for your workplace.



93% of London office workers agree that visitors and clients typically make a judgement of a business based on its workplace. Along with the design of your office space, your art collection can be the perfect opportunity to really make a statement about the type of company you are. Are you fun? Are you innovative? Is sustainability important to you? These values, along with the strategic use of your brand colours, can help elevate your brand and further stamp your personality on your space.


invest in front of house

Reception areas and entrance lobbies are the face of your company and create the initial impact when a client or visitor enters the space. Consider using a larger percentage of your budget in this area to really make a statement by selecting a larger or sculptural work. You could also consider commissioning a piece directly from an artist, who can work closely with you and your art consultant to design a bespoke work - a great conversation piece that has the benefits of being designed entirely with you in mind!


It might be tempting to blow your entire art budget on your client-facing areas, but it is worth considering the other areas in your building; workstations, canteens and even toilets are well worth displaying artwork in, as exhibiting art in your offices has been proven to increase productivity by 30% and employee wellbeing by 80%, creating a happier, healthier workforce and therefore increasing your company’s profitability and reducing staff turnover.


There are many benefits to renting your artwork rather than purchasing and they are not just based on your tax deductibles! Changing your art collection every 6 - 12 months offers the opportunity to keep your space looking refreshed and ensure the ‘honeymoon period’ felt in a new space or after refurbishment remains intact. It also means you don’t have to commit to purchasing an art collection - less risk involved - and means you are also directly supporting artists by allowing them a regular income.


Art can be a great way to keep your employees engaged by involving them in the selection process and therefore making them feel more empowered in their roles and more proud of their working environment. Some of my clients have a rotating art selection committee and others even offer perks where they can ‘win’ the opportunity to select the artwork, which can be a great way to introduce creativity into your culture and help your employees feel valued and appreciated.

Helen Buckley is Workplace & Interiors Curator at Rise Art, a curated online gallery that works directly with artists all around the world. Helen has a decade of experience as a leader and an art consultant, advising corporate clients and designers on their art programmes.


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