Customising your dinnerware is not only an incredibly stylish way to tailor your tabletop during the holidays and special occasions, but allows you to pass it down to future generations to cherish. Known for its translucent

elegance, bone china is the strongest available and least likely to chip. These properties make it the perfect canvas for dinner plates! Discover how you can customise and design your very own bespoke china! 

From ornate dinner services to simple kitchen china, we can help you to create unique tableware to last a lifetime. With our brilliant British factory, we can work with any artwork and even colour match fabric samples, paint colours, antique china or Pantone colours.   We will create a digital mock-up of your design so that you can check every detail before the placing the final order. And once your artwork is finalised we will keep it safe for future orders, including any leftover printed decals.  

Continue reading to discover how simple getting started is, and email us to chat about how to create the bespoke tableware of your dreams. 

where to start?

Consider what you want to see on your dinner service; you will be looking at it every day, after all!  Do you want a motif from your wedding invitation, such as a floral border? Or, would you prefer a simple initial in the middle? Are you looking for replacement plates for the old family china, where the crest has perhaps faded? Or would you like to commission a line drawing or your horse, for example? We specialise in:

  • Family crests or coat of arms 
  • Monograms and Initials 
  • Bespoke wedding china (floral borders, illustrations etc.)
  • Tableware for yachts, clubs and holiday homes 
  • Recreating antique family china restaurant
  • Hotel chinaware corporate gifts


Select what style china you would like from our customisable collections. Classic white bone china is available, as are an array of coloured borders, both gilded and plain, and in six different timeless colours: Blush, Duke Blue, French Grey, Crimson, Sky Blue or Tiger Orange. Consider mixing and matching colours, borders and styles across our collections to create your own set of complementary dinnerware.

Bespoke Initials

Having your initials monogrammed on your china is the most simple option for customised bone china. It will look smart in any kitchen or dining room, and will stand the test of time. It's as simple as choosing your border and style, select your font,  deciding where you'd like the initial / monogram, such as in the centre of the plate or a miniature on the border, and the size of the font.

Modern Calligraphy 

Traditional Calligraphy

Sans Serif


Coat of arms or crest

European families have been decorating pottery with coats of arms since the Middle Ages. When porcelain replaced metal as the favoured material for elite tableware in the 18th Century, armorial porcelain became very popular. The traditional shapes in our collections suit armorial dinner services very well, from a glamorous crest in the middle, to a more discrete crest on the 'shoulder'; the possibilites are endless. 

Gilding is a popular addition for more formal dinner services. We can add touches of gold to the crest itself for an added bit of sparkle.

wedding china

A new set of china to celebrate the beginning of a marriage is both a timeless and beautiful tradition, and one that we celebrate. Personalised dinner services were once the preserve of royalty, but since partnering with British Xavier China, we can create bespoke tableware with a meaningful design that is unique to you as a couple. Favourite design options include: entwining your initials in the centre of a clean white plate, replicating the border from your wedding stationary, stamping your plates with your wedding date (this way your husband will never forget an anniversary again *wink wink*). 


How do I know what it'll look like?

For all bespoke orders we generate a product image that shows exactly what your design will look like on the plates. We will make sure you are 100% happy with this product image before going ahead with any set up costs for the design.  

 How is the cost calculated for bespoke china?

 The cost will be made up of 1) the price of the plain white plates you want to buy;  2) the 'set up cost' at the factory for your design; and 3) the decorating cost per plate (all done by hand).  

 How much is the 'set up cost' for a bespoke design?

 Set up costs depend on the number of colours you choose to use in your design (including 'shades' of the same colour). It is a one-off expense that will never have to be repeated as your artwork is stored for future orders. Set up costs will seem significantly cheaper on larger orders. A £500 set-up cost spread over 12 plates is quite high at £42 per piece, while the same amount spread over a 72-piece dinner service is only £6.95 per plate. 

 Does the number of colours include the border?

 Yes. You must buy plain white plates and add the border as part of your custom design to be certain that the colour of your border matches the other parts of your design exactly. A bit like wallpaper each batch can come out slightly differently meaning clashing shades.  

 What if the design has more than 9 colours in it?

 You can either splash the cash, or we will work with you to reduce the number of colours in the artwork. There are simple ways to do this and quite often it creates an even more attractive impression as a simple colour scheme works well with the china.  

 Do I have to use the colours that are listed on the product ranges for customisable china?

 No. It is easier if you pick from an existing colours (Duke Blue, Sky Blue, Tiger Orange, French Grey, Blush, Crimson) but not essential. We will visit the factory and find a colour among the hundreds available that matches your design as closely as possible, which is usually relatively straightforward. 

 Is there a minimum order for bespoke designs?

 Set up costs do not change depending on the size of the order so can seem very high for a small order. You can, however, buy the 'set up' as a gift in itself so that a newly married couple, for example, can buy any number of plates with their bespoke design without having to pay for the set up ever again. We have no official minimum order requirement, but suggest buying in sets of six. 

 Can I reorder plates with the same bespoke design?

 Once you have set-up your bespoke design with us, we will keep the artwork and screen in stock so that you or the recipient can re-order at any time without repeating the initial set up costs. The subsequent cost for the china will be at 'normal' prices.