Colour Therapy: What does your colour scheme say about your personality?

For the painter, the sculptor and the fashion designer, every day brings a new opportunity to express yourself and create something truly beautiful. For the rest of us, decorating our home may be one of the major ways for us to choose a set of colours and patterns to express our personality... 

The clothes on our bodies change every day, however selecting the colours for your home is a little different. Without sounding too creepy... the shades you choose for each room in your home would well be a window into your soul (rather dramatic..!). How will your visitors feel when they are in your home? What will your visitors see? Are you a lively, passionate character? Or a sensitive individual? Here's a brief insight into the psychology behind the colours in your home:

Red: Passionate & Energetic

Incorporating the colour red in your home may stem from a passionate and fiery personality. Red-painted walls, for example, have long been known to elicit intimacy and comfort, making a large space feel much cosier. This rich colour is often picked out by personalities who are energetic, action-oriented and determined to live their life to the fullest. If your favourite colour is red, you may find yourself with a desire to experience life through all five senses, but if not, you can still inhabit some of these fiery personality traits by bringing a little red to your home. It’s a good choice for inciting passion and energy, stimulating conversation, and has also been known to increase athletic ability; a great pick for a home gym or dining room! 

Yellow: Happy & Creative

Lovers of yellow are notoriously happy people. Those who opt for a yellow colour scheme - whether mustard, lemon or sunshine yellow - are know for enjoying learning new things and sharing their knowledge with others. Research has shown that choosing the colour yellow for your home means you also like to have a logical order to your life, as well as being regularly inspired to be creative. Bringing a little yellow into the home has been known to make people feel cheerful, energetic, and more motivated, while increasing concentration and stimulating the memory. (That's why you should always use a yellow highlighter!).

Green: Affectionate & Loyal

If you are drawn to the colour green in all its shades, you may feel the need for acceptance, to be loved, and to feel safe and secure in your home, which you take great pride in. It is no surprise to hear that those who love the colour green may feel more connected to nature, and the serene environment that green shades can bring to a home is something that they value highly. Green is also associated with health and wellbeing, and its ability to reduce feelings of anxiety make it a popular choice for both living rooms and bedrooms. Interestingly, the colour green is said to have been found to increase reading ability, so it is also a great choice for a child’s playroom or bedroom!

Purple: Artistic & Spiritual

Purple combines the calmness blue offers with the energy of red, making it an attractive colour to those with emotional characteristics. Lovers of purple may find themselves with a desire to create balance and perfection in their spiritual life, as well as a need to help others and contribute to the world. If you want to bring wisdom into your life, a few splashes of purple can encourage this.

Blue: Cool & Calm

Blue isn’t just a choice colour for newborn baby boys. If you gravitate towards blue tones in your interior adventures, whether it be baby blue, royal blue or turquoise, then you are said to value harmony and inner peace. Research suggests that people who choose blue as their favourite colour are thought to be reliable and trustworthy, have a sensitive personality and are always thinking of others. With harmony and stability being so important to you, you may find that you like to keep your space clean and tidy. Blue tones have been known to improve mental clarity and productivity, so it’s a good pick for a home office. Be wary though, as dark blue tones can quite literally make you feel blue by mustering up feelings of sadness. If you are drawn to dark blue, try to choose a shade with warm or muted tones. 

White: Organised & Independent

If you find yourself drawn to the colour white when decorating, you are most likely a well organised and logical person, and you may even embrace minimalism throughout your home to avoid clutter both in your physical space and in your mind. You value simplicity, and aim to be completely self-sufficient and independent where possible. 

Black: Guarded & sensitive

If you find yourself selecting black home accessories, or even enjoying the colour black on your walls, you're likely an artistic and sensitive soul. You may consider yourself to be an introverted character, or if not, someone who values their space and does not easily open up to others. Seen as a defence mechanism, personalities drawn to the colour black value control, and can be guarded, both in their emotions and in inviting people into their home.