Ultimate Wallpaper Guide

Ultimate Wallpaper Guide

Wallpaper. We all love it. We all save oodles of designs to our Pinterest boards. They're great for breathing life into a room and can instantly transform any space! They're also ideal if your walls aren't smooth since they can conceal bumps and cracks. But where to hang it? What pattern should you go for? What type of paper? How do I install it? Here are all your wallpaper questions answered: 


Let's start off with where on earth do you even hang wallpaper? The answer? Everywhere! You can hang wallpaper in your dining room, kitchen, kid's room, your own bedroom, powder rooms, even closets and hallways! 

If you want to bring more light in your room, select a design that has a metallic finish as they'll bounce and reflect natural light from your windows and artificial light from your lamps. 

Typically, dining rooms don't have a lot of textiles, so wallpaper can really shine brightly here! Pattern also helps soften the lines of hard furnishings, such as dining tables and buffets. 

Vinyl wallpaper holds up to humidity and grease, and it's wipeable. Not only does it add a tonne of personality in your kitchen, but it tends to be less expensive than tile. 

Small spaces wrapped in wallpaper can feel like the inside of a jewellery box! Nutcracker Wallpaper >

Playful wallpaper strikes a whimsical mood in a child's room and is an opportunity to reflect their unique interests. 

It's not often to see bold, bright wallpapers in bedrooms, but you can select a muted palette and pattern for a soft design. Arcade Wallpaper in Blush >

Hallways, entrances and foyers are a wonderful place for wallpaper since you can really showcase your personality. Lips Wallpaper >


Start by opening your closet: is it full of bright, bold patterns? If you like to wear it, then you'll love dressing your walls the same way! A punchy pattern is invigorating and you won't need to worry too much about layering artworks on top. Your walls will speak for themselves! 

They are called classics for a reason! Subtle wallpaper that is more neutral in tone or has a subtle pattern is timeless. Consider how a quiet wallpaper keeps the spotlight on an exquisite antique piece or a unique cabinetry colour, or even an art collection. You can even select a plain wallpaper with a subtle texture, such as a linen or animal skin effect to create more dimension and detail in your space. They enable you to enhance architectural details and provide winsome contrast for intricate mouldings and deep baseboards.

Wallpapering a Ceiling? Faux Pas or Yes, yes, yes!?

Wallpapering an entire room -- even including the ceiling -- is a classic decorator move to draw the eye up and create a sense of height in your space. Increasing in popularity, wallpapering your ceiling in a hallway, office, living room - or the entire space - can really make your interior stand out, especially if it's for a small space.

Bel Air Wallpaper >


The type of wallpaper material will have an impact on the total cost, but also how easy it can be installed. For more expensive papers, it's always worth consulting / hiring a professional but prepasted / peel & stick papers are DIY projects that anyone can take on. Material will also impact the overall aesthetic you want and function of the space. For example, vinyl wallpaper work well in Kitchens / high traffic spaces, whereas grasscloth can become damaged over time - so works well in more formal spaces. 


Grasscloth encompasses natural fibres such as bamboo, jute and raffia, offering subtle texture, interest and warmth. Great for: living rooms, libraries and bedrooms. Consider: Due to its handmade nature, rolls may vary in colour. Grasscloth is susceptible to water marks and can retain odours like smoke. Keep grasscloth dust-free by vacuuming gently with the brush attachment.

Unpasted wallpapers can be expensive and include designer brands like Fornasetti, Cole & Son & Scalamandre. Good for: areas where style and quality are a priority. Artisanal, special-effect papers are often unpasted. Consider: requires more skill to hang and the right amount of adhesive needs to be applied to the walls before the paper is hung. Best to leave to a professional.
Elephant Palm Wallpaper >

Prepasted / Peel & Stick

Easier to apply than unpasted, prepasted / peel & stick wallpapers are generally lower-priced. Great for: kid's bedroom and kitchens because they are moisture- and grease-resistent. Consider: Your choices will be limited because there are fewer complex or high-end patterns available. But they are easier to remove than unpasted papers.

Palm Beach Bamboo Wallpaper >

Small Batch
Since small batch wallpapers are often made to order, boutique producers don't carry a huge inventory, so their designs tend to be more edgy and unique. Good for: usage on an accent wall or to update a living room, bedroom or dining room. Consider: dye lots may vary, so make sure to order the correct quantity of rolls from a single dye lot to ensure colour consistency. 
Woven Star Wallpaper >

ORDERING & Installation tips

Ordering: It's always worth buying through an interior designer since a lot of builders will charge a percentage on top to supply materials. Interior designers can also suggest tradesmen and decorators who they've worked with in the past and come highly recommended with experience. 

Samples: Order a sample of your chosen design first because some colours may look different in your room. It's also important to check how the scale of the pattern works in the space.

Batch Numbers: Check the batch number of each roll and ensure it's the same. Mismatched batches mean the paper won't blend and the colours often vary too. This is an easy mistake to make, but always worth being safe than sorry! You're unlikely to face this issue when shopping online as manufacturers should send out the same batch numbers, but always check when deliveries arrive.

Tools: Different tools are required depending on whether your paper is unpasted, peel & stick or prepasted. Paste, paste brushes and adhesive activators are needed to apply glue when using unpasted wallpaper. Prepasted wallpaper is immersed in a special water trough to activate the glue. Both types of wallpaper require smoothers, seam rollers, trimmers, splicers and ladders which can tally up to around £300. It's important to work with quality supplies as well, so head to B&Q or a local supplier with a good reputation. 

Wallpaper Cost: Wallpaper costs range widely. It's usually priced as a single roll, but comes packaged as a double roll. You can buy rolls for £50 and all the way up to +£200 for designer brands. 

Installation Cost: Installation prices depend on where you live. Most installers charge by job - not by the hour - based on the size of the room and the type of paper to be installed. On average, to hang wallpaper in a large room, will cost around £350 if the walls are in good condition. Sometimes, existing wallpaper will need to be stripped and the walls will need to be prepared which can add extra pounds to your job. 

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