Top 7 Guest Bedroom Ideas 

For Christmas Visitors

7 finishing touches to make your spare room guest-ready

If you are expecting guests over the Christmas period, then decorating your guest bedroom in a style appropriate for Christmas will make them feel welcome. A few personal and thoughtful touches are enough to transform your guest bedroom into a space that feels as though it has been prepared specifically for your guests. Whether you are hosting friends or family, a few seasonal switches and considerate additions to your guest bedroom will make a difference to your guests’ comfort but will equally contribute to lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. 

1. Toiletry Tray

Have you ever arrived at someone’s house or a hotel, only to realise you forgot your toothbrush, deodorant, cleanser or shampoo? It happens to all of us! In case of this, we suggest styling a small serving or trinket tray with a selection of toiletries, travel-sized or normal-sized including toothpaste, a spare toothbrush, soap, cleanser as well as other bits and bobs like cotton buds, cotton pads and floss. 

2. water jug & drinking glasses

This is simple but so important to do. Fill up a jug or water pitcher with some fresh water and stack two or three drinking glasses on the bedside table or chest of drawers.

3. extra layers

Ensure your guests have options to layer their bed in case it’s a little chilly one night. Everyone has different sleep preferences and there is nothing worse than being freezing cold at night. If you haven’t already, we suggest investing in some high quality, pure wool blankets and throws or bed runners that you can pop on the end of the bed or fold neatly in a corner.

4. book/games basket

Populate a storage basket with some magazines, Children’s books, card and board games so that your guests have something to do in the privacy of their guest bedroom other than scrolling on their phones (sigh). Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and creating lasting memories which is why incorporating a little book and/or games basket into your guest bedroom is a great idea. 

5. lavender sachet

Pop a few lavender sachets into your chest of drawers or closet in your guest bedroom. These aren’t expensive and allow your guests to feel welcome and at home. While we’re on this point, remember to ensure there is plenty of space for your guests to store their clothes, both hanging and folded. There is nothing worse than arriving into someone’s home, heading to the bedroom to unpack and settle yourself, only to find out that your hosts haven’t cleared out their cluttered drawers…! 

6. seasonal decorative items

PLEASE don’t go overboard with this… chintzy, tacky and overwhelming Christmas decorations are not fashionable ever. However, incorporating some festive hand towels, tissue box covers and maybe a nutcracker or two, can help bring the Christmas spirit to your guest bedroom. 

7. Christmas candle

Lastly, introduce a gorgeous seasonal candle to set the tone. You can never go wrong with a Christmas candle! Whether you prefer notes of cloves and orange or pine and eucalyptus, this is a wonderful addition to any room during the holidays. We suggest choosing an organic candle where possible since a lot of commercial Christmas candles have nasty toxins that are not healthy for anyone to be inhaling, let alone children!  

One last consideration

Many of us are immune to the scents and temperatures in our own homes because we live there. However, it’s really important to aerate your home and especially your guest bedroom before guests arrive.  

Avoid artificial air fresheners because they not only house hundreds of toxic chemicals, but you don’t know how your guests react to ingredients or artificial scents. (I actually get really awful headaches around perfumes and most “fake” fragrances). The best way to freshen up the air in your home, and in your guest bedroom, is to open the windows and let Mother Nature do her job.