How To Select Art For Your Home With Arinola Akintola-Bello

How To Select Art For Your Home With Arinola Akintola-Bello

Arinola Akintola-Bello
Nola is a London-based luxury interior design studio directed by the stylish Arinola Akintola-Bello, specialising in residential projects for private clients and property developers in the UK and internationally. 


Art adds instant character to every home. As a result, choosing the right pieces of art can finish off a room beautifully and help elevate the space. 

Art is in the eye of the beholder, so whatever you choose for your home is entirely up to you and has to be something that resonates deeply. To ensure that the art in your home remains harmonious and fits in with the rest of your decor, here are some tips and considerations to help you when choosing artwork for your home.


Art can often be relegated to an afterthought when designing your home. However, as finding the perfect piece isn’t easy, it can also make or break many interior spaces and the outcome. It is important therefore, to think of a few things before designing your home. 

Firstly, it is important to consider what type of atmosphere you would like to achieve in the room your are selecting art for. Whilst you may need to inject a sense of calmness into your bedroom space, other areas of the home may require artwork that exudes energy.

Secondly, it is worth matching your design aesthetic to your choice of artwork. For instance, in a home with modern Scandinavian design that features neutral colours and natural materials, clean and less-textured artwork will fit into the space more easily. 

Lastly, taking shape and colour into consideration is highly important. This allows one to easily create a consistent design aesthetic and a flow between furniture and artwork. Echoing patterns within a room is a great way to ensure the room flows.

Overall, it is important to take into account the issues of scale, balance, proportion, repetition, texture, colour and more. Take into account how the artwork relates to all the other objects, colours, textures and architectural features in the space. It is also important to consider the layers and proportions in a room.


Choosing art that resonates with you not only adds soul and character to your space but also ensures that every time you look at it, it is able to lift your spirits. Make sure that you connect with it and that it speaks to your personality. Do you have a love for nature? Are you connected with a specific location which brings exciting memories? Try to bring your personality into play when choosing artwork.



Instead of trying to match your interior style as mentioned previously. Another way to add some excitement to your space is to find pieces that contrast it. This is a great way to add a pop of colour to your design and add energy and drama to your space. You can search for more abstract pieces. In an all white interior for instance, you can add a colourful piece that can create a much needed focal point.

BROADEN your horizons & think outside the box ox

Art isn’t just paintings. Sculpture, screens and wall hangings for instance, can also be added to most spaces for additional character. For instance, the flexibility of a screen can be a delight for most spaces. Screens add drama, energy and a third dimension to a space that some wall hung art work cannot. Also, it can help separate and divide a room into various sections. You can also find art within statement pieces of furniture.



finishing touches

The ultimate goal is to display artwork in the best way possible. Invest in quality frames. Good framing will bring the whole piece together nicely and can even add a decorative effect itself. Similarly, sculptures may need a plinth to feel complete. Lastly, lighting is the final consideration and is highly vital to how pieces of art look within your home. When not in natural light, a subtle glow, rather than a white harsh light brings out the colours of a picture.

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