How To Boost Your Wellbeing Through Scent

Through scent, we can tap into memories and emotions, which have the ability to alter our state of mood. Aromas send signals to our limbic system, which is the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions.

We are able to harness specific essential oils that have been shown to evoke positive emotions which in turn can lower your stress levels. This means not only can scent have the power to have a positive psychological impact, but equally a positive effect to our physical wellbeing.

How to boost your wellbeing through scent

Psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNEI) is an area of research which explores the connection between psychological processes and the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the body. This lends solid evidence to the mind and body connection and how positive thoughts (which can be elicited through scent) are beneficial for our physical health.


A study was conducted on participants who smelled a nostalgic odour (i.e. a fragrance that was considered personal to each individual), evoking an autobiographic memory. After inhalation, the mood states of participants changed and positive feelings, such as happiness and comfort, were reportedly increased and negative feelings, such as anxiety, had significantly decreased (Matsunaga et al. 2011a).

Another study investigated the effects of scent on reducing inflammation, which lies at the heart of most major Western diseases. It demonstrated that positive feelings such as happiness, which can be induced by scent, decreased pro-inflammatory cytokines (a component of the immune system) (Matsunaga et al. 2011b), which is why it is conceivable to consider scent-evocation as a way of reducing systemic inflammation. 


Essential oils are integral to aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine for centuries. One study measured the effects of aromatherapy on the anxiety, vital signs and sleep quality of hospital patients having stents fitted (also referred to as Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, or PCI). The study was ran against a control group and the aromatherapy group was shown to have reduced levels of anxiety, increased sleep and stabilised blood pressure (Cho et al. 2013).

Disclaimer: Essential oils are never to be used as replacement of medical treatment(s).


ARDERE candles promote optimum wellbeing by using quality 100% natural wax, a unique and exquisite scent profile to evoke positive mental states and in turn improve our physical health as we have explored. They are also the benefits that arise from each essential oils’ molecular constituents.

For example, the lavender essential oil within in the Provence Candle has been studied to reveal its impacts on promoting sleep. One study revealed how lavender oil was able to induce feelings of relaxation in healthy volunteers whilst also decreasing blood pressure and heart rate (Savorwan et al. 2012), whilst another study supported the findings that lavender was able to promote deep sleep in both young men and women (Goel, 2005).

These luxury candles are hand-poured in England. They pioneer scent therapy and bring you conscious living at its finest in a bid to conquer stress and promote non-toxic living, using 100% organic natural wax, pure essential oils in candles that have the longevity you always crave, finally a candle that lasts!


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