Elegant Christmas Table Setting Ideas

We all really appreciate gathering around the table to celebrate during the holiday season. We're all familiar with the immediate nostalgic, happy and warm feeling you have when you open up your box, drawer or cupboard full of Christmas decorations, from tree ornaments to festive house decorations. However, your Christmas table setting provides the continuous backdrop for memories. Regardless of how you style your Christmas table setting, it is worth consideration. We love pairing new & old traditions, such as cheeky name cards, nostalgia-inducing ornaments and crisp table linens. We're sharing some tabletop decorating tips and inspiration to get you into the festive spirit.

Elegant Christmas Table Setting Ideas


Often regarded as the foundation for your table set-up, your choice of table linen helps navigate a colour scheme and style. Whether you are aiming for traditional shades of red and green or vibrant jewel tones of royal blue and silver, your choice of table linen is an integral part to your Christmas tablescape. If you have decorative pieces for your table already, a crisp, warm winter tablecloth with a subtle pattern is an excellent way to harmonise your tabletop decor. By contrast, if you're surrounded by plain, minimal pieces, you may with to bring some character, pattern and colour to your tabletop decor with a patterned tablecloth. 

We're seeing Maximalist-inspired table settings take centre stage which will create a visually striking table setting that will be a massive focal point in your home. Here, the tablecloth and napkins are from the same pattern, such as our La Plume Napkins & Tablecloth burgundy set photographed below. However, you can never go wrong with plain white dinner napkins or embroidered napkins where you can spruce them up with stylish napkin rings.



Next up is placemats, and we favour intricately embroidered, scalloped or rattan styles to add height and texture to your table. When you remove each course, your guests will discover the extra effort you have gone to when revealing your choice of festive placemats. We love welcoming, burgundy linens, folksy quilted placemats to evoke a scene of nostalgia and anything with sparkles to bring Christmas cheer.


Creating a bespoke Christmas tablescape needn’t involve a huge shopping spree. We recommend bringing together key pieces from your home that you've collected or may have been handed down to you over the years. Ranging from candlesticks to your dinnerware and serving pieces, we love incorporating items from around the home that mean something to you, your family and your guests. First of all, consider where you might have a candelabra that was passed down from a grandparent or crockery and bowls from a family member. We also recommend using plates and bowls with patterns to add dimension to your Christmas table setting where you can effortlessly layer your crockery when setting the table to add height. It'll look picture perfect!

If you're still looking for inspiration or a unique handful of pieces, our curated range of tableware brings together handmade pieces made and designed by artisans globally.


Incorporating a bit of nature could be as simple as a couple of stems in a dinky vase to something much more elaborate. Whatever the scale, fresh blooms will instantly boost your tablescape by adding a pop of colour, vitality, and, hopefully scent! For a more informal table setting, you can use a stylish jug or pitcher to house your flowers or alternatively, simply drape foliage across your table randomly for a laid back finish. 



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