Rebecca James' Effortless Rustic French Style

Oh, the south of france...

With the change of season and darker nights, we are finding ourselves reflecting on quaint villages and breathtaking landscapes of the rustic French countryside. We take a look at London-based interior designer 

Rebecca James' project in the South of France where we turn pastoral: finely upholstered chairs, provincial furniture, exposed wooden ceilings and intricate details in every room!


Rebecca James founded her  design studio in 2006, specialising in residential and hospitality projects. The process of improving and transforming spaces that don't work for her clients is what Rebecca finds most rewarding about her career.

A previous career in the fashion industry has given Rebecca a unique design perspective since she was given the opportunity to travel the world and indulge in different cultures. As a result, each of her projects, whether in the UK or abroad, exudes international flair as Rebecca draws on "a visual library of [her] past." A love of travel and experiencing new cultures, Rebecca is also a lover of impressionist and contemporary Art which we also notice in her work. 


I would use this in a raw, organic outdoor setting with a lot of plants; reminiscent of Brazil.


"The most important thing in interior design in my opinion is listening to your clients needs and trying to make their ideas work. Great rapport with clients and suppliers is very important as they often lead to harmonious projects."

Rebecca James

Tour the home...

pairing rustic finds with sophistication

Clean, tailored lines against matte black accessories and lighting offers a meeting of both sophistication and rustic finds. Incorporating this modern elegance will elevate your room in a French country style that is not kitsch, but instead elevated and classic. 

All about the kitchen

A beautiful French country kitchen where the rustic charm truly shines. The extensive use of wood creates a lived in, country cottage aesthetic that will add richness to your kitchen.

natural textures

Taking inspiration from the natural surroundings, sky blue fabrics and accessories are reflected into the Master Bedroom for any airy, refreshing style. In addition, sisal, rattan and other natural textures noticed in the future offer a summery, rustic aesthetic.

Where do you find inspiration?

"My inspiration often comes from fashion. Also from organic elements such as stones, fossils, flowers, the sea e.t.c. I also am inspired by Art i.e Painting s and sculpture."

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