How to Choose the Right Rug Size

How to Choose the Right Rug Size

There are numerous rug sizes available online and it can be difficult to determine which size will fit your space and look the best according to your existing space! If you are creating a bespoke rug for a particular space, it is even more crucial that you have the sizes correct to avoid disappointment in the long run. Here are some of our top tips!


As little as a few inches can make a drastic difference between creating  harmonious or discombobulated space with your rug. Selecting the larger option, especially if you're choosing between sizes, will prove that it is worth the extra expense every time.


When selecting a rug size and orientation, ensure it is proportional to your space. For example, large rooms tend to equal large rugs and are placed / manufactured to reflect the dimensions. If you have a long, rectangular living room, your rug would need to mirror the dimensions and shape in the same way that a square 1:1 room would have a square rug.


Using painter's or duck tape, map out the exact rug placement before you buy or place a deposit for a bespoke rug. This interior design secret is an easy way to ensure you have the right fit from every vantage point.

Do: Ideally all your living room furniture would comfortably sit on top of your rug. It helps designate the space and will break up your room visually, especially if it's open plan.

Do: If your rug reaches under the front legs of all the furniture in your living room, then you're set! Your space will feel grounded and harmonious, but your rug will be a little smaller to help save money.

Don't: This is a faux-pas! A rug that is too small looks unbalanced and it's almost better not to have a rug at all if this is the case. You don't want to only frame the coffee table - all furniture elements should be considered.

Don't: Round rugs work but avoid using them in rectangular sitting areas. Round rugs work best in entrances and foyers where they ideally frame a round hallway table.

Above you can see this client has ensured that all the pieces of modular furniture (i.e. sofas, chairs, side tables and the coffee table) are all encompassed within the rug. Shibori Handwoven Rug >

This bedroom is unique since architecturally, it bends at the bay windows which means any rug placed in here should either be fitted to the entire space or carefully fitted around the bed to avoid affecting the aesthetics. Paisley Handwoven Rug >

It is usually quite straight forward to select the right size rug. But if you have any hesitations or would like a second opinion, it is always worth consulting a professional first.

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