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art and antiques early in her life; an exposure that evolved and eventually created her career. An avid reader, from art and design books to historical fiction, Missy is always absorbing influences from history all the way up to present day. As a family, Missy loves to travel. That has been a struggle this past year, so reading has filled that void.

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"I would say I am most passionate about my husband and two kids... yet coffee would be a quick second place. "

Missy Steffens

Missy's individuality or flair makes her home unique to her. She is also a collector at heart and loves antique boxes and chairs, yet she mix them in a fresh way to avoid looking overly traditional/old fashioned. In particular, Missy loves the mix (and tension) between old and new. "Mixing a contemporary painting over an antique chest is one of my favourites."

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What is interior design to you? 

"Interior Design gives people a respite at the end of the day. It makes a house a home - breathes life into a space and creates individuality. Interior Design is very layered and encompasses many aspects...essentially it highlights your personality. I really enjoy helping clients figure out what they like and can actually live with in their home. A distinction between what you like and what you want to be surrounded with every day. It's a mix."

Missy Steffens

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Must-have iteM?

"My must have might be a tray - they tidy up and layer spaces. A gallery style tray is my favourite - it separates well."


To Missy, a well-designed restaurant is always a delight such as Casa Tua in Miami and Aspen, all of Ralph Lauren's restaurants, Nomad in New York... the list goes on. Of course good company always helps! 

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DISCOVERING inspiration from

The world around us, inspiration can truly be a daily occurrence if you take the time. Unexpected colour combinations always catch Missy's eye - she calls it 'visual excitement.'

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Shop Missy's edit

From classic lamps to playful accessories and Ikat shades, Missy's edit on Decoralist combines both classic forms with a contemporary twist.

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