Details, Details, Details! with Interior Designer Janice Burkhart

Details, Details, Details! with Interior Designer Janice Burkhart

After working five years with a national custom drapery chain and moving to a small town in southern Louisiana, Janice Burkhart of Burkhart Interiors, decided to launch a full-service interior design firm in 1995. With her experience and education in interior design, along with a strong customer service background, she was able to naturally progress into starting her very own business. Over the last two decades, Janice has had the chance to work with clients throughout the US and internationally, which has further fed her true passion in life, which is travel. Through her travels, Janice has discovered a deeper understanding of the culture, people and beautiful world that continue to mould the inspiration for her aesthetic and design. 

The everyday details of the rugged volcanic cliffs in Santorini, the smell of lavender in the south of France, the high cliffs at the Pacific Ocean in California or the exquisite turquoise waters in Seaside Florida... she tries to weave her passion for travel into the backbones of everything she does. 

I once had an instructor in college that always said, "there is no such thing as bad taste or good taste, just your taste." I personally think good design is the key to a great space, which is the most important thing in interior design.

Janice Burkhart

What makes you unique, and how is this reflected in your HOME?

"I have been told many times over that my spaces feel complete. It is in fact the details that make great design and without the details the space is not complete, which is why I focus on all aspects of each project including the tiniest details. Given my passion for travel, there is a strong European influencer woven throughout my designs, which sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing subconsciously. A prominent designer actually pointed this out to me several years ago and it helped me to further explore and establish my aesthetic. My home reflects my travels through various items I’ve picked up along the way. It is contemporary with modern finishes, white and grey undertones complimented by paintings picked up from trips to France. There are certain areas of my home that are direct influences from my travels, including the back staircase with Mexican tiles and outdoor patio with iron lights from Cabo, or the large Moroccan rugs found throughout the first floor."

Must-Have ITEM?

"The biggest must have for ALL clients is a classic piece. For example, a womb chair by Eero Saarinen in your favorite hue – it’s timeless. It can be modern or antique, but either way it gives you a sense of spaces gathered over time and contributes to the details of a completed space."


"Details, details, details. Ha! Not really ill pick 2 more, classic (modern or traditional), comfortable"


I believe a design firm has several responsibilities to the client, the supplier and themselves. Including: great customer service, a positive atmosphere, accountability, billing."

favourite interior hub in the world?

"Paris is always a good idea. The city hums with art and design, and it hosts a show I frequently attend that forecasts what is coming in décor and home accessories. The show combined with the smaller, more obscure museums, art, history, hotels, fashion and design makes it the ideal interior hub."


"If I’m not finding inspiration through travel, these days I’m keeping up with the latest in design and the world through social media. Specifically, Instagram provides the perfect visual outlet that keeps me inspired and allows me to get closer to the world without having to leave my desk. It creates the opportunity to see other designer/architects works, and to connect with people on various elements of design."

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