Decorating with Aerial Beach Photography

Decorating with Aerial Beach Photography

Catherine Cornelissen
The Founder and Director of Decoralist, Catherine is innately stylish and has an incredible eye for design and a gift for assembling schemes with a creative and unique twist. She loves writing about home tours and offering interior design tips for the home! 


Photographic beach prints or aerial photographs have the ability to breathe life into a space. Bright colours… memories of the summer… fresh ocean water — who wouldn’t want to be reminded of these feelings daily? With aerial beach prints, you can either design your room around a statement piece, or you can seamlessly integrate beach prints into your home. Whether you are planning an exotic getaway or driving out to the beach for the weekend, our prints span from Bondi Beach to the Maldives and the Mediterranean; there’s a print for everyone!

Bring a slice of this iconic Bondi Icebergs into your home or office! This print is sure to warm up any interior!

For beach inspiration in the home, we look to no one else than the iconic LA-based Gray Malin, whose aerial beach photographs quite literally transport you to the beach. Various bloggers and influencers have provided incredible inspiration showing us how we can style beach prints in our own homes!

Reef Rider is a refreshing aerial print of one a paddler heading out to explore what lays beneath the Maldives waters. The sheer size of the ocean compared to the paddler illustrates how vast our waters are.

Threes A Crowd is an aerial photograph of three snorkelers in the Maldives swimming through crystal-clear turquoise waters. This bright turquoise colour would look excellent in a neutral room and pairs nicely with other aerial prints.


Put your feet up and hear the waves rumbling and the seagulls squawking.

Catherine Cornelissen

When styling aerial photographs, there are numerous ways that you can integrate one, two or three pieces into your existing space. From home offices, hallways to bedrooms and living rooms, aerial beach prints can be used in any context and work harmoniously in any style of home! Furthermore, not only will the style of frame significantly affect the formality or informality of the print(s), but so will your decision to hang the photograph or simply let it sit against the wall.

Do you work for yourself or have a home office? Brighten up the space and stay motivated with a large-scale, expansive beach scene to keep you working towards your holiday goals!

Image Credit // GM Lifestyle Featuring Julia of Lemonstripes

Immediately heighten and enhance your living room with a large scale print that will translate your home into a beach retreat all day, every day!

Image Credit // Life With Me

From the man himself, Gray Malin, on his Instagram account! This vibrant and exquisite turquoise piece hangs wonderfully above a natural, earthy wood console table.

A calm and peaceful dining experience is enhanced with a breezy ocean print, adding light to the room and lifting up the darker wooden furniture.

Imagine Credit // Apartment Therapy

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